Our expert guide to government grants for central heating

Ever since our caveman ancestors discovered fire, the idea of returning home after a long, hard day to a lovely warm abode has lost none of its appeal. But shelling out for modern central heating can be expensive and might seem totally unaffordable. Well, not any longer, because, with government grants for central heating available to eligible applicants, you could soon have the central heating you’ve always dreamed of – for free!

That’s right: free first-time central heating is within your grasp, as part of a government scheme called the Energy Company Obligation (ECO). The ECO means that millions of people the length and breadth of the country are eligible to receive non-repayable central heating grants to cover the cost of first time central heating, including energy-efficient boilers, loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and underfloor insulation.

What central heating grants are available?

There are numerous central heating grants available, including the first time central heating grant and boiler replacement grants. First-time central heating grants provide funding to install various types of central heating boilers, as well as radiators, all associated pipework and heating control systems. Meanwhile, a boiler replacement grant enables you to get a new energy efficient boiler system to replace an old or broken boiler. 

How can a central heating grant benefit me?

Central heating grants allow you to update your heating system for free, making your home warmer and more energy efficient. This in turn lowers your bills and your carbon footprint. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that buying and fitting a new boiler with thermostatic valves typically costs around £2,300. As heating makes up around 55% of the average household energy bill, greater energy efficiency will result in savings year-on-year.

How do the government grants for central heating work?

The government grants for central heating ensure that obligated energy suppliers fund the installation of energy efficiency measures in your home. Each has an overall target based on their share of the UK’s energy market and must deliver 15% of measures to homes in rural areas, while 10% can be ‘innovative’ products like smart meters. The supplier works with installers to install your first-time central heating or replacement boiler. 

Who is eligible for a central heating grant?

In total, 6.5 million households are eligible for government ECO funding. As long as you’re a homeowner or have the permission of your landlord, someone in your household claims one of the relevant qualifying benefits, and your home has a boiler that is at least seven years old, you could be eligible for a central heating grant. (You also qualify if your home has not had central heating installed before.) You’ll need to hurry, though, because the scheme ends in March 2022.

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